Birthday Sweets Chocogram

Hand Made and Decorated Chocogram with Traditional Sweets

 A Delicious Solid Belgian Chocolate Happy Birthday slab hand decorated with an array of traditional sweets with the HAPPY BIRTHDAY message hand written in a contrasting colour of Chocolate. Beautifully presented in a gift box with a gift card this chocogram is perfect for sharing that fun party feeling with Chocolatics everywhere. Available in milk, white, or decadent dark 70% cocoa belgian chocolate.   

 Choose from white milk or dark chocolate by clicking the right hand arrow on the box below.

Please note this is a hand made product and the photo is indicates style only, all products are made to order, and will vary.

 Chocograms are approx 150 x 15 cm and can weigh from 140g and 200g depebnding on the toppings and decoration used.